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Introducing COMMITMENT FIRST3.24.2014

Mortgage Options, Inc. Introduces 'COMMITMENT FISRT'!

Why let the mortgage be the last step in the home buying process?  At Mortgage Options, Inc. we find that by doing things differently, we can make the experience of buying a home less stressful.  And with our new approach to home buying , you can enjoy those benefits.

How Does Commitment First work?

Mortgage Options, Inc. Commitment First offers a one-of-a-kind, upfront approval program for home buyers, that you won’t find anywhere else! It isn’t the same as a rate lock or a preapproval. And it’s not a type of loan, but an option that’s available on nearly all our purchase-based mortgages – whether it’s the 30 year fixed, FHA, VA or USDA.
With a Mortgage Options, Inc. Commitment First, the mortgage part of the home buying process comes first! Instead of issuing a preapproval letter, we’ll keep the ball rolling by verifying assets, income, bank statements and credit. And before you know it, we’ll have you fully underwritten– before you’ve even made an offer to purchase a home.
Now that the majority of the financing is completed up front, the only step left is finding the right house – and having this exclusive approval helps you do it confidently.

How Can Commitment First Benefit Me?

Whether you’re buyer is an experienced home buyer or a first-timer, a Mortgage Options, Inc. Commitment First gives you more credibility in the eyes of a seller – in fact, it’s the next best thing to paying cash-in-hand! With the advantage of being fully underwritten up front, you can position the buyer as a strong, serious buyer in today’s real estate market, too. You’ll be one step ahead of the competition, and with Commitment First, sellers will know you really mean business.
Once you’ve found the perfect home, you can make an offer with confidence. Then, pending property qualification, it’s time to get the keys and lay out the welcome mat. You’re done!

How is Commitment First Different From What Other Lenders Offer?

It’s simple: While other lenders may feature prequalification or preapproval offers to help you start the home buying process, Mortgage Options, Inc. is the only place you can get a completely underwritten loan before you find a property. So, when your competition is waiting for their lender’s approval on an offer, you can feel at ease knowing you have the upper hand in any bidding war. And with Commitment First, the seller can expect your offer to go through seamlessly – they’ll know you’re already underwritten!