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Mortgage Loan Options

Wondering Where to Turn? Learn About Your Mortgage Loan Options Here

Whether you’re a young first time home buyer or an older homeowner, Mortgage Options has a range of mortgage loan options to meet your requirements. We will work with you to make sure your home financing experience is a success. Here are some of the more popular mortgage loan options available with Mortgage Options:

Fixed Rate Mortgage – Conventional fixed rate mortgages have, as the name implies, a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan, so payments will remain the same. This type of mortgage is great for people who want to set aside a specific amount every month into their monthly budget. Here are some benefits of fixed rate mortgages:

•Pre-set loan payment amount
•Permits easy budgeting and extended planning of fixed costs
•Allows you to lock in low rates for the length of the loan
•Provides dependable financing for investment properties 

Some of the most popular fixed rate mortgages are the 30 year fixed rate mortgage and the 15 year fixed rate mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage – These ARM mortgages provide home buyers with low starting interest rates that adjust yearly after a pre-set period. This type of loan might be worthwhile depending on how long you plan to stay in your home.

Construction to Permanent Loan – If you are looking to build a new home or renovate a home you already live in, you can finance the construction, land and home mortgage with a Mortgage Options construction-to-permanent loan.

VA Loan (Veterans Administration) – VA mortgage loans allow qualified veterans, active duty personnel, military reserves and National Guard personnel to purchase an owner-occupied home.

Low Down Payment and First Time Homebuyer Mortgages – There are a range of loans available to help first time home buyers and buyers with poor credit to realize the dream of home ownership.

These are just some of the mortgage loan options available to home buyers. Please take a moment to consider which type of loans makes the most sense to you.

To find out more about mortgage loan options, call Mortgage Options today: (803) 732-5787 or Toll Free at (866) 456-5511.