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Below you will find the most recent Federal Disaster Map by Counties for the State of South Carolina.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THERE HAS BEEN NOTICE THAT BERKLEY, CLARENDON AND SUMTER COUNTIES  WERE MOVED INTO DISASTER STATUS AS OF THIS MORNING DUE TO INCREASING FLOOD WATERS ALONG NUMEROUS RIVERS.   That change in status should move these three counties into a RED coding and the map should be updated by later this afternoon.


We are getting many calls from clients about what properties are in and what are out.  TO BE VERY CLEAR - ANY PROPERTY LOCATED IN A COUNTY SHOWN IN RED, OR BERKLEY, CLARENDON & SUMTER COUNTY, MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING:


o   An executed Appraiser Certification of Property Condition signed by a certified or licensed appraiser must be submitted to FirstBank Mortgage Partners. The original appraiser or another certified or licensed appraiser may inspect the property and execute the form.



o   In lieu of the Appraiser Certification of Property Condition form, upon property inspection, a completed Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae appraisal report form appropriate for the property type and inspection type may be submitted. Examples are Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae Form 2055, Freddie Mac Form 442 or Fannie Mae Form 1004D.


We are going to be reducing our requirements to that of a Lender Certification for the following counties until further notice:   Kershaw, Lee, Darlington, Marion, Dillon and Florence Counties.  

All other counties within the state are now in the clear unless you obtain information to the contrary.   If you are aware of a specific area that received damage and is not within a county listed above you still MUST follow the Lender Certification process listed above.  



** Please note that this situation is fluid and changing as there are still dam breeches occurring in the Midlands and flood waters from the Upstate are now making their way into the rivers and tributaries downstream.   We will keep you updated to the best of our ability as the situation changesAll other counties other than those noted are now in the clear.  **



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