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Mortgage Options- Re/Max Home Team3.11.2014

Mortgage Options is proud to announce a partnership with John Smith and Re/Max Home Team.  Come take a ride in the Re/Max balloon at the HBA Carolina Classic Home Show this weekend.  March 14 – 16. 

The Truth About Appraisals3.07.2014

The appraisal process often baffles consumers. They may feel that their home is worth a higher dollar amount, and so the appraised value doesn't always make sense to them. It is important to know that the appraiser is completely independent from lenders, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, and that the guidelines to which they adhere are dictated by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and Fannie Mae. In most states, the mortgage lenders must also disclose the purpose of the appraisal, as each transaction carries its own set of rules.  

What is happening with the markets that will impact rates.3.01.2014
This afternoon news out of the Ukraine and Crimea hit markets like a hammer. The DJIA was up 125 points, then fell to -45 within an hour before bouncing back into the close; the S&P and NASDAQ also saw huge swings. The 10 yr note went from 2.70% to 2.65% then eased up again while MBS prices improved then fell back to levels seen at 9:30 this morning. The point is that markets are going to remain extremely volatile next week with a lot of domestic data and global concerns. 

MortgageOptions, Inc.

USDA Rural Housing Just Got Better


Mortgage Options, Inc. has just received updated guidelines from a new investor offering USDA Rural Housing Loans with relaxed guidelines that include:

1) Eligible Credit Scores to 580

2) Swimming Pools Allowed*

3) Buyers with an Existing Home**


*Home must value for sales price without any value given for the pool
**Existing home must be located over 50 miles from new home purchase




Mario del Pino

NMLS 938420

6140 St Andrews Road

Columbia, SC 29212

(864) 237-5940

South Carolina Mortgage Rates2.26.2014

Columbia, South Carolina Mortgage News 

Welcome to the NEW Mortgage Options Website!1.27.2014

Welcome to the new, redesigned Mortgage Options website! In addition to updating our home on the web’s look and feel, we wanted to give SC homeowners an informative, friendly place to learn more about their mortgage options (and Mortgage Options, too).

That’s why you’ll find tons of information, not only about available kinds of mortgages and refinancing options, but also on the mortgage loan process, local real estates and builders in our network, and even tips and reports you can consult.

And don’t worry that we’ve provided you with just pages and pages of texts – throughout the website, we’ve got visual guides, blog updates, and an educational video library. Feel free to explore, discover, and ask us any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do!