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Central Carolina Clean-Up Drive10.08.2015



Hi everyone! We are participating in the Clean-Up Drive for Central Carolina Realtors Association, and we would love your help!

We will be collecting cleaning supplies for those members who have been affected by the catastrophe. We encourage those that are able to give, to look at the list below and donate to the collection center established within our office. If you are in need of cleaning supplies to begin the restoration process of your home, please call the Central Carolina Realtors @ (803) 771-8852 after donations have been dropped off, and they will begin to distribute as the items come in.

Our office is available to donors in the Irmo-Harbison area for a secondary drop off location so people who work or live in that area do not have to drive downtown to donate. See post below for a detailed list...

Mortgage Options
6140 St. Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29212



• 5-Gallon Buckets
• Bleach
• Sponges
• Scrub Brushes
• Towels
• Liquid laundry detergent
• Household Cleaners – multi surface
• Disinfectant Dish Soap
• Face Masks
• Latex Gloves
• Work Gloves
• Heavy-Duty Trash Bags
• Air freshener
• Mops / Mop Buckets
• Brooms
• Rakes / Shovels
• Safety Goggles
• Tarps
• Paint Scrapers
• Sanitary Wipes
• Paper Towels
• Other items as deemed necessary

Please call us with any questions and thank you for helping your fellow REALTOR® during this time of need.

Mortgage Options, Inc. is a licensed mortgage broker NMLS 803458 SC DCA and NMLS 1183586 NC Commissioner of Banks