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Give Yourself a Home for the Holidays 11.07.2016


Why The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Buy!


When one thinks of the holidays they think of all the famous holiday movies. One of my favorites comes to mind… “Miracle on 34th Street”. In this movie a young girl doubts Santa Claus and tells him her Christmas wish is for a specific home. Christmas morning she is riding in the car with her mother and she immediately tells her mother to stop. It’s the house she specifically asked Santa Claus for. Well, getting a home for the holidays is not just for the movies.

Many potential homeowners wait to buy until the spring. They don’t know that one of the best times to purchase a new home is during the holidays. There are many reasons why buying a home during the holiday months is a good idea for potential homeowners. Mortgage Options, Inc. will be glad to discuss these reasons in further detail and answer any of your questions regarding making a home purchase during the holidays. Here are a few of the reasons why the holidays are a perfect time to purchase a home.

1.    The median home prices are lower during the holiday month

-    According to Zillow.com “Median home prices are historically lower during December than any other month”. This might be due to the fact that most homebuyers are not thinking of buying a home during the holidays. Since this is the case, your purchase power is greater during the month of December.

2.    Mortgage rates may be lower during the holidays

-    Mortgage rates are always changing. If you wait to purchase a home, the rates might be higher and your purchase power a little bit lower. To learn more about purchase power check out our previous blog which details how purchasing a home now is much better than waiting to purchase.


3.    Sellers are more motivated to sell

-    If homeowners are listing their properties this time of year, it’s most likely that they are more serious about selling their homes. With the New Year in the horizon after the holidays, many sellers want to get their house off the market by the New Year. This could be a great advantage for a home buyer since sellers may be more likely to lower their price or include more amenities when selling their home.

4.    Taxes on the home might be lower

-    If you close on your home before December 31st you could qualify for some tax breaks. It is possible to deduct home purchase costs, property taxes and mortgage interest.  Contact the professionals at Mortgage Options, Inc. to find out if it’s advantageous for you to close before December 31st.

5.    The closing may take less time

-    Usually everyone involved in a home purchase is motivated to finalize everything. Lenders are thinking of closing their books for the year. Real estate agents want to receive their commissions before the end of the year. The person selling their house wants to move into their new property as do you the home purchaser. Since everyone is more motivated to finalize everything before year end, the closing may be quicker and smoother.

With all of the advantages, the holidays are a great time for purchasing a home. If you would like to apply for a mortgage contact us at Mortgage Options, Inc. today!